I was feeling overwhelmed at work. The environment was toxic, always in a state of flux and with a poisonous undercurrent. Jan showed me some simple ways to protect myself from the environment enabling me to feel in control again and get my work done. Within a week I was amazed how relaxed I was able to feel in situations that had previously left me very tense. M.L.

Jan Wetzel was a great help in my time of grief, he helped me through a lot of other issues I had as well. The techniques that Jan had presented me with helped me immensely. I can now do a lot of things I couldn't before all thanks to him! He has a great way of connecting with people, and understanding their needs. S.D.

Making an appointment with Jan Wetzel was one of the very best things I have done for myself in years. My sessions with Jan literally helped me to change my life for the better.

Through his kind, gentle, empathetic listening and understanding, Jan helped me come around to gain a whole new perspective. He seemed to instantly get “where I was coming from”. Not once in my session did I feel embarrassed to share parts of my life story that I usually kept to myself. Jan was such a great listener and had a way of reflecting issues back to me with fresh insight and intelligent support. The effect the sessions had was truly profound. I could feel a strong shift within myself and was suddenly able to see what was making me feel so “stuck” in my present life.

I experienced a series of incredible life changing moment in Jan’s office. I felt like Jan helped me to turn on a whole part of my life that I was missing out on. I was able to walk out of his office feeling more alive than I have in years. Until I met Jan, I thought I would always carry the weight of the past as a heavy burden.

Over the sessions, Jan helped me not only get over life shattering events in my past, but to move on to be a much happier person and live my life to the fullest.

I know life will always throw me unexpected “curve balls”. That is the nature of life for sure. The amazing thing for me is this. Jan’s insights continue to help me, even since the counseling sessions. I find I am naturally dealing with problems and issues and am aware of a new strength within to cope. I feel so much happier these days. When family and friends notice and comment that I look like I have been on a holiday…even better! S.B.

Thanks you for your help yesterday Jan. I am amazed at how much better I feel today… like a weight has been lifted. K.P.

Working with Jan has helped me make the changes in myself that I needed so desperately. Struggling with grief, low self esteem and much more Jan has supported, comforted and guided me through the process of this change. He has always made me feel at ease, swiftly identifying whatever emotion or issue that I am struggling with. He has allowed me to experience these emotions safely and in a non judgmental way.

Jan has given me tools to help me gain confidence in my ability to cope with the difficult side of myself. That it is ok to be who I am, faults and all. He has encouraged and supported me to love and nurture myself and to love and nurture others without losing myself. I am now much less afraid of my emotions and the anxiety they produced in me and I feel I have grown so much. I am very grateful for his help, guidance and wisdom. V.N.

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